What Is The Aegean Museum Pass?

What Is The Aegean Museum Pass?

Aegean Museum Pass is a practical Museum Card to enter Ancient Sites & Museums at the West Coast Of Turkey.

The Western Coast of Turkish Anatolian Peninsula faces with the Aegean Sea, therefore this area is called Aegean Region. Aegean Sea used to be a home to Ancient Greek Civilization in the ancient Ages (B.C.) Later Roman Empire took over. The most significant city of Aegean Coast (also known as Ionia) was the Ephesus.

You may enter to Ephesus Ancient City with this card. The Card is valid in three cities: İzmir, Muğla, Aydın. These cities have a significant Greco-Roman heritage with Ancient Cities and Museums. So the card is worth the money if you are travelling along the Western Coast of Turkey.

If you would visit just the Ephesus, then the card is more expensive (75 TL) than the ticket price which is 40 Turkish Lira.

Click For Ephesus Ancient City Entrance Fee & Opening Hours

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