Istanbul Things To Do Map 2018

Istanbul Things To Do Map

Istanbul Things To Do Map Blog Post By Ephesus Private Guide

Istanbul is one of the most popular city to visit in Europe. Istanbul is the neighbor with Black Sea from the North, Sea of Marmara from the South, Kocaeli (izmit) city from the east and Tekirdag & Kirklareli cities from the west.

Visiting Istanbul for a long weekend, a popular activity for many countries. Especially from European countries there are many charter flights to come to Istanbul for cheap prices.

Pegasus, Turkish Airlines provides some plane tickets for reasonable prices. Besides the Ryan Air will start to fly to Turkey soon. It will be even more cheaper to come to Turkey soon.

Turkish Lira is considerable cheaper than Euros and USD so Turkey is a perfect place to come to holiday except for some troubles in the Southern borders (Syria)

Tourist Attractions List for Istanbul

Istanbul most popular tourist attractions are as follows:

1. Hagia Sophia
2. Topkapi Palace
3. Blue Mosque
4. Grand Bazaar
5. Spice Market
6. Galata Tower
7. Chora Church
8. Dolmabahce Palace
9. Beylerbeyi Palace
10. Yildiz Palace
11. Archaeological Museum
12. Turkish Islamic Art Museum
13. Koc Museum
14. Istanbul Modern
15. Taksim Square
16. Istiklal Street
17. Galata Tower

If you are planning to visit the Istanbul you will probably add some of these tourist attractions to you sightseeing list. To find the places of interest easily, you need a tourist map.

You may find a useful map attached to this blog post provided by Turkish Airlines. Here is Istanbul Things To Do Map below.

Istanbul Things To Do Map

Istanbul Things To Do Map 2018
Istanbul major tourist attractions to visit map

Istanbul Things To Do Map As PDF File

If you are looking for PDF version of Istanbul tourist maps, I recommend you to check the Istanbul Tourist Map of Attractions PDF Free Download article to find more maps in PDF format. This blog article has various kind of Istanbul maps for free download.

Ephesus Ancient City & Kusadasi Cruise Town Maps

If you are planning to visit Ephesus after your Istanbul trip. You may check our articles as well. For instance Ephesus Ancient City Map article will do the same job for finding the major tourist attractions in Ephesus.

If you want to visit the cozy towns of Western Coast of Turkey, Things To Do Near Kusadasi Cruise Town article also helps you discovering the Ephesus (Kusadasi) neighborhoods and neighboring cities.

By Ephesus Private Guide

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