Ephesus Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2018

Ephesus Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2018

Ephesus Entrance Fee 2018

Ephesus Ancient City is one of the most popular museums in Turkey. Ephesus is located at the Westernmost of Turkey within İzmir city. Visiting Ephesus is a must activity if you are planning a touristic visit to Turkey.

Turkey is located on Ancient Anatolian Peninsula. There had been many civilizations on these lands, therefore there is a great deal of Ancient Greek and Roman heritage too. Among many ancient cities that can be visited in Turkey, Ephesus steps forward with its gigantic size and well-preserved Roman ruins.

Ephesus Entrance Fee - The Celsus Library
Ephesus Celsus Library – Ephesus Entrance Fee 2018

Opening Hours For Ephesus 2018

During The High (Summer) Season: 15th of April 2nd of October

08:00 – 18:30

During The Low (Winter) Season: 2nd Of October 15th of April

08:00 – 17:00

Entrance Fee For Ephesus 2018

Entrance Fee for  Ephesus ancient city costs 40 Turkish Lira. You may purchase your ticket easily from the ticket offices at the entrance of the museum.

You can also consider The Aegean Museum Pass if you will spend some days in the Aegean coasts of Turkey. Thus you may visit many ancient sites and museums for free.

What Is The Aegean Museum Pass? 2018

The Turkish Tourism Ministry launched a new Museum Card for entering to the ancient sites of Western Turkey. It’s called as The Aegean Museum Pass. Similar to the Istanbul Museum Pass, this card is valid for all ancient sites and museums which is run by the Tourism Ministry.

For instance in Istanbul, majority of the museums run by Ministry of Tourism but not the Basilica Cistern and Dolmabahçe Palace. Therefore Istanbul Museum Pass would not be valid for these places. So as The Aegean Museum Pass valid for majority of Museums except for a few other ones.

How Much Is The Cost Of Aegean Museum Pass? 2018

The price of The Aegean Museum Pass is 75 Turkish Lira. Once you activate the card with the first museum entrance, it’s valid for 7 days.

Which Museums The Aegean Pass Could Be Used For? 2018

The Aegean Pass is valid for all museums within İzmir, Aydın and Muğla cities. Considering that there are many ancient ruins and museums in these cities. It’s definitely worth to buy it. If you have some days to discover these cities, The Aegean Pass would be your best companion.

However it’s not recommended if you are visiting the Ephesus and Western Coast of Turkey for just a single day. It does not worth the money then.

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