Visiting Ephesus Ancient City Information 2018

Strolling Through The Ephesus Ruins

Visiting Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus ancient city is the most popular ancient site to visit in Turkey. Turkey has a considerable inheritance when it comes to Greco-Roman history. Among all of the famous ancient cities like Xanthos-Letoon (Antalya) , Aphrodisias (Aydın) , Hierapolis (Pamukkale), Aspendos and Side (Antalya) Ephesus is the most popular place to visit. Nearly 3 million people come and visit Ephesus to experience the great history.

Ephesus Ancient City Panoramic View

Visiting Ephesus Ancient City
Ephesus Ancient City Panoramic – Visiting Ephesus Ancient City

Where Is  Ephesus Ancient City Located?

Ephesus ancient city is located in  modern day Turkey. Turkey has territories on Asia and Europe both but the majority of the country is sitting on the Asia which is also called Anatolia. Anatolia or Asia Minor is a peninsula that connects the Asia and Europe. Therefore Turkey is considered as a bridge country between two continents. The Turkey’s geographic features also look like a bridge. It’s a rectangular country stretching from Asia to Europe.

Map Of Turkey Showing Location Of Ephesus

Ephesus Ancient City location on a map
Turkey Map Showing Location Of Ephesus

What Is The Significance Of Ephesus City In The History?

Ephesus located at western part of Anatolia. The city was so important in the history, due to it’s given titles and functions. The Ephesus was the capital of Eastern provinces of Roman Empire, throughout the antique ages. It was the most important harbour of Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Sea. During the ancient ages, Byzantium (Istanbul) and Ephesus were most important harbour cities of the Asia, since the spices and silk coming from China and India distributed from this harbours to the Western World.

Ephesus Ancient City, Selcuk Province Of Izmir City In Turkey

Ephesus Ancient City information
Ephesus Ancient City – Visiting Ephesus Ancient City

Major Things To See In Ephesus Ancient City

The Celsus Library and Artemis Temple Ruins are the most important things to see in the Ephesus. Celsus Library can be considered as a very well maintained structure, because its facade is looking great. However Artemis Temple is lost in time, almost nothing left but a few columns.

Celsus Library

Made for the memory of a father by his son. The Roman Governor Celsus, lived here in Ephesus for a long time. Therefore, when he died his son wanted to commemorate his father’s name by building something unique to Ephesus. He commissioned skilled architects of Anatolia to build a splendid library.

Library of Celsus was one of the marvels of ancient world with a great deal of collection of antique rolls. Unfortunately a dreadful earthquake striked the town and the library’s great collection is lost in the chaos. Nothing left from the antique papers and rolls and the structure is seriously damaged. Thanks to the solid columns located on the front of the building, the facade still stands. Celsus Library give great visual opportunities for those who are interested in photography.

Library Of Celsus In Ephesus

Library Of Celsus In Ephesus © Photo: Serhat Engül

Artemis Temple

Temple Of Artemis is believed to be built by the first civilization who lived on Ephesus. Greeks settled to here first and the Ephesus was the leading city in Ionian League. Afterwards the city is taken by Lydians, Persians and Romans. Majority of the remnants that we observe in this beautiful city, left from the time of Roman Empire. Roman Emperors made a great deal of investment in the Ephesus city, since the Ephesus was the capital of Eastern Provinces of Roman Empire.

Ephesus was originally located right by the seaside and it was very developed city. When the aluvio filled the shores of Ephesus city became distant from the seaside. Some of the significant Emperors like Trajan, wanted to find a solution to this; they spend huge amount of money to clear the riverbank and shores. However river brought more and more aluvio in centuries and city became an inland town. After it became distant from the sea, Ephesus lost its most important feature: to be the major harbour city. Therefore its population decreased dramatically.

Ephesus Artemis Temple Of The History

Ephesus Artemis Temple Of The History

Walking Through Ephesus Ruins

Strolling Through The Ephesus Ruins
Ephesus Tours Lead By Local Guides © Photo: Serhat Engül

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